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A little bit of research on the origins of the Flea Market reveals the term's origination to be disputed. The most common meaning of the term, dates back several centuries to Paris. It is believed that rag-and-bone men would set up in the streets and make-shift market stalls in the streets of Paris.

It was believed that these rag-andbone men traveled the city by night in search of old objects that had been discarded as trash (which coined the term "moonlight fisherman"), which they would resell at these local markets.

The city banded these markets in the capital due to an outbreak of Cholera, and ran off the rag-and-bone men. Soon these men banned together outside the city fortress and began selling there wares there, where incidentally they were free from the city taxes of Paris.

The people of Paris would gather and gaze at these ragmen displays of micellaneous items. It was not long before more and more vistors appeared looking for bargains from the numerous traders. Hence, the flea market was born!

There is some disagreement over the origins of the term flea market. Some believe that is was a term generated by the numbers of buers and sellers making deals and being "active as fleas." Others dispute this meaning and believe the term was coined from the fact that some of the items such as couchs and clothes purchased were believed to be infested with fleas.

Which ever meaning you would like to believe doesn't matter so much, as today's flea markets have evolved into a big business of buying, selling, and trading. Some markets are filled with used items as well as new items, in which the vendors offer better bargains on new merchandise than the major stores. Of course, over time flea markets have evolved into places where bootleg cd and dvd's were found, as well as, some other "black market" items.

Today, these markets cover hundreds of acres, where the tourist, local, or whom ever can stroll through the aisles in search for their personal treasures. Many flea markets today also focus on antiques. There is a wide variety of micellaneous items that one can find at the flea market. These bazaars are found in just about every state and offer a full day of entertainment for the family.

Since the advent of the Internet, we are able to further memorialize the history of the flea market by providing information about the history, as well as the current day markets.

With that goal in mind, this website was created to provide you with a listing of the flea markets in and around the Central Florida area.